Hanging pictures on drywall

Hanging pictures on drywall is definitely not as easy as it seems. There’s more to it than just hammering a nail into the wall… If the frame or your wall decoration is too heavy, it will definitely come down again! You’ll need the appropriate hooks and plugs. If you don’t want to damage your wall or your pictures, we advise you to use one of our picture hanging systems when hanging pictures on drywall.

Driving a nail through a small picture hanger will only work for lightweight and small picture frames. You might also want to consider a push pins or plastic hook with adhesives on the back. However, these will leave marks on your wall when you’d like to remove them later. Using a picture hanging system gets rid of this problem.

When you’d like to hang heavier frames or objects, we advise you to find the wooden framing studs behind your drywall. Affirming a picture hook or nail on this spot will help provide more support for fastening the hooks or nails.

There are also special drywall anchors (fasteners) and screws available for hanging pictures on hollow drywalls. These are designed with wings that expand behind the drywall after inserting and tightening the screw that holds it in place. Make sure that you know how much weight these fasteners can carry, otherwise your precious works of art might fall down!!

Hanging pictures on drywall with a picture hanging system

When mounting the picture rail make sure to use the right plugs for drywalls available at our webshop.

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