Hanging pictures on drywall

Hanging pictures on drywall

Hanging pictures on drywall may seem easy, but it is not a matter of hammering away. If the frame or your wall decoration is too heavy, it will come down again. Dry wall needs the appropriate hooks and plugs. Hanging pictures properly on drywall implies that your walls will get damaged. That is, unless you use a picture hanging system.

Hanging pictures on drywall with a picture hanging system

Picture hanging systems are a picture hanging method with minimal wall damage. The only drilling you'll need to do (now and forever), is just below the ceiling, where you'll mount your picture rail. From that picture rail, you'll hang cords with hooks anywhere along the rail. Hang your painting on the hook and you're done.

Want to add pictures? Rearrange pictures? Adjust pictures? It's all possible without tools, without drilling, without effort.

When mounting the picture rail make sure you use the plugs for drywalls. They are available at our webshop.

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