How to install the STAS barrier screen / sneeze guard?

How to install the STAS barrier screen / cough screen?

STAS dropceiling hook

Step 1: Mount the supplied hooks on the ceiling

The STAS barrier screen is 1 meter (~39.3") wide so keep this distance between the hooks.

With drop ceiling hooks:
You mount the multi purpose Smartspring hook by stretching them slightly, clip the top edges over the drop ceiling bars, and squeeze them to place.

With normal ceiling hooks:
You mount the ceiling hook by drilling a hole the size of the supplied plugs and mounting the ceiling hook in the plug.

Step 2: Hang the cords with loop on the (drop) ceiling hooks

The cords have a length of 98 inch (250 centimeters).

Step 3: Hang the screen with the hooks on the cords

Rotate the screen so that the hangers with the opening are on top of the screen. Choose the desired height of the hooks by squeezing the hook and sliding the cord through the hook. Does the hook have the desired height? Then release the hook and do the same for the other side. Finish by hanging the screen on the hooks. It is possible to lock the top of the screen with the hook, see attached picture.

Step 4: Remove the protective film

The STAS barrier screen has a protective film on both sides so don't forget to remove it.

Step 5: Cleaning and disinfecting

It is important to keep the STAS barrier screen clean and disinfected on a regular basis with, for instance, an all-purpose cleaner and a disinfectant.