Invisible picture hanging systems

  • May 6, 2019

Are you interested in a picture hanging system, but not too font of the view of that rail on your wall or ceiling? Then we have good news! The following picture hanging systems can be mounted virtually invisibly. These picture rails are also extremely suitable for newly constructed buildings or for suspended ceilings in the office or governmental institutions. All eyes will be on your favorite wall decoration!

STAS u-rail

The STAS u-rail has been purpose-designed to turn a drop ceiling into a flexible picture hanging system in a matter of minutes.The rail can be attached almost completely invisibly to wooden ceiling tile support strips and.. voilá! The drop ceiling is transformed into an almost invisble picture hanging system.

STAS u-rail

STAS u-rail in use

STAS u-rail     STAS u-rail

STAS prorail flat

The STAS prorail flat is an exceptionally sturdy and solid profile for ceiling fastening, which can be almost invisibly concealed in plasterwork, flat decorative framework or a molding and can carry up to 45kg per linear meter. The rail is easily installed by handy DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics. STAS prorail flat is fastened to the ceiling. It can be perfectly plastered into a single or double flat decorative framework. Bonding on to a plaster, wooden or foam decorative frame or wooden ceiling is also possible.

STAS prorail flat

The following hooks-cord combinations can be used with these picture hanging systems:

  • • STAS smartspring on STAS cobra with perlon cord (can carry up to max. 4 kg)
  • • STAS zipper on STAS cobra with perlon cord (can carry up to max. 15 kg)
  • • STAS zipper on STAS cobra with steel cable (can carry up to max. 20 kg)


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