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NEW: STAS qubic: the ultimate hanging system for difficult places

  • Feb 22, 2019

STAS qubic

The ultimate hanging system for difficult places!

Putting something up in a stair hole, on a sloping ceiling, a small piece of wall or on a pillar? These are difficult places that are not used optimally because it is difficult to hang something here. But not anymore! The STAS qubic is the ultimate hanging system for these difficult places.

STAS qubic

The STAS qubic might be small, but should not be underestimated! Being small is exactly what is so useful about this suspension system. It is small, but does a hell of a job! For small pieces of wall you no longer need to buy meters of picture rails and cut them to size. The STAS qubic has a carrying capacity of 15 kg, can be mounted with one screw and is suitable for one suspension point. The final weight that you can hang on the STAS qubic depends on your hook-cord combination. The STAS qubic is suitable for wall or ceiling mounting with hard surfaces such as stone or concrete.

mounting STAS qubic and STAS qubic pro

The STAS qubic's big brother is the STAS qubic pro. As the name suggests, this suspension system provides a bit more strength because it has an extra plate that can be mounted on the surface with 2 extra screws. The STAS qubic pro is therefore very suitable for soft surfaces such as plaster and lime sand and can not be pulled out of the wall or ceiling due to the extra reinforcement.

carrying capacity STAS qubic and STAS qubic pro

With both the STAS qubic and the STAS qubic pro, the STAS steel cable with glider or the STAS perlon cord with glider can be used (vertically and horizontally). This means that the STAS qubic and the STAS qubic pro can be combined with all STAS rails (with an exception of STAS wooden rails, STAS j-rail, STAS j-rail max and STAS plaster rail).

STAS qubic


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