The experiences of our clients with STAS

  • Aug 17, 2018

"I love the STAS system! Whenever one of my artist friends sees my in-home gallery, they order the minirail system for themselves. It’s the perfect solution for working artists who frequently move their work out and add new pieces. It couldn’t be easier." - Kris

"We LOVE our STAS system!" - Deepa Maria

"We used the STAS Cliprail Pro hanging system at the York JCC (Jewish Community Center) in a long hallway to begin showcasing paintings from local artists. Our members love it!" - Anne

STAS picture hanging system customer

"Great for use over our fireplace mantle. Extremely easy to change out hangings / photos." - Frank

STAS picture hanging system customer

"We have an older home with beautiful molding. I'm so happy to find this system to hang artwork." - Lee

"I just moved into my new art studio, and thanks to STAS hanging system I love how my walls look!" - Shamarukh

STAS picture hanging system customer

"We just installed our 6th showcase window in Park Slope, Brooklyn using STAS materials. Makes it so easy!" - Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists

STAS picture hanging system customer

"Love this system. Easy to install and so flexible." - Lucie

"I use the Stas hanging system at Contemporary Arts Fair Discover:Gather:Give as it is quick to set up, safe to use and looks great!" - Contemporary Arts Fair

STAS picture hanging system customer

"Finished my gallery wall using your amazing products!" - Lucie

STAS picture hanging system customer

"We use the STAS picture hanging system in our gallery. It's so easy to change out the art each month for ArtWalk and we no longer have to deal with the repairing holes in our walls. Looks much more professional." - Julie

"The artists in our house needed a way to store framed work waiting to be shipped to a gallery or taken to a local show. With the help of Stas picture hanging systems, we have found our solution!" - Leslie

STAS picture hanging system customer

"The Gallery at Irwin Street is really coming along! With a lot of help, I got the STAS picture hanging systems up on the walls and my paintings are up as place holders. I'm so happy!!!"" - Christina

STAS picture hanging system customer

"Wonderful product! It added a touch of class to our Art Gallery!" - Sue

"I love the hanging system. I'm an artist and enjoy changing out pictures constantly so I can enjoy my new work and other artists' work with ease. We installed it all over the downstairs of our home. It makes it so easy to have a Home Show and to enjoy different art all year long. We have just bought more to install for my mom who is also an artist. It's great stuff!" - Susan

STAS picture hanging system customerSTAS picture hanging system customer

"We LOVE our new STAS Picturing hanging system. I own a small business in my hometown (Tutto Bambino Studio & Boutique) and we need to regularly take our art off of the walls for birthday parties/baby showers - so the customers can hang banners and such. This system makes it super easy to take on and off, without leaving nails or commands strips on the walls. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for this great product!" - Britt

STAS picture hanging system customer

"We purchased several pieces of art on our last cruise. Before we left, we asked the gallery director how they hung the pictures, and they introduced us to STAS. When we got home, it took about 8 weeks for the first pieces of art to begin being delivered. We were so excited to hang the track, and get the pictures up and level, that we couldn't contain ourselves! The installation process was simple, and hanging our pictures, proved to be even more simple. The 'zipper' is such a unique way to quickly and easily way to move the pictures up and down, all while making sure they are level." - Cheryl


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