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  • Sep 5, 2018

header wall gallery alternatives

In an earlier blog post we showed you how easy it is to create a gallery wall. When you think of a gallery wall you may think of a wall filled with frames. But how cool would it be to add some other items?! Nowadays, a gallery wall does not have to consist of purely photographs and paintings. There are so many creative things to find that make it a fitting yet surprising whole. In addition, this gives even more possibilities to let your interior reflect your personality!



Mirrors can be easily hung with the STAS self adhesive hangers. After degreasing the surfaces, the hanger can be put onto the back of the mirror (because: self adhesive!). Then you can hang the mirror with a STAS zipper or STAS smartspring on your STAS picture hanging system.



Hats can be hung in different ways. You could try to hang them on a STAS zipper or a STAS smartspring. Another possibility is using a STAS quilt hanger. When you choose for this hanger, you can clip the quilt hanger around the edge of the hat.



You obviously have taxidermy in many different types and sizes. A small piece can be easily hung with a STAS self adhesive hanger. You could also screw one or multiple STAS d-hangers at the back of the taxidermy piece(s). This way you also increase the carrying capacity.



Textile can only be hung in one way and that is of course with our .... STAS quilt hanger! If you want to hang a nice macramé on a string then the STAS zipper or the STAS smartspring work just as well.



Light boxes often have an opening at the back so that you can easily hang them. A light box is therefore extremely suitable to hang with a STAS zipper!



How you hang up your plants depends on what kind of pot you use. If you use a string that is attached to the pot then you only need a STAS zipper. If you have a very flat pot then you could considerate a STAS self adhesive hangers in combination with a STAS zipper, or for example a STAS d-hanger in combination with a STAS zipper.

Vinyl records


To protect your vinyl records, we would advise you to put them in a frame. When you go for this option, you only need a STAS zipper



You can hang plates in a jiffy with the STAS plate hangers! These hangers are available in various sizes (5.9"-7.9"/7,9"-11.8"/9.8"-13.8"/14.2"-17.7"). After choosing the right plate hanger, you can add a STAS zipper and a cord so that you can hang your plate on a STAS picture hanging system.

Other alternatives?

Of course, there are so many other things to think of to use in your gallery wall. Do you have any cool alternatives to add to a gallery wall? Let us know in the comments!


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