STAS wooden picture rails

  • Jul 6, 2018

STAS proudly presents a modern classic into the STAS’ collection! While the majority of our other products have a more modern and clean look, our STAS wooden picture rails can provide the right amount of warmth and elegance that you had been looking for. STAS wooden picture rails are a sustainable and timeless solution for hanging your pictures, posters, artwork, plants or other wall decoration. Moreover, incorporating wooden details into your interior is on trend!

STAS wooden rails        STAS wooden rails

2 designs because... tastes differ

If there is something that we have learned over the years is that tastes differ. Which is a good thing because unity.., well, is rather boring. We therefore choose to provide our wooden picture rails in 2 different designs with distinctive profiles so that there is something for everyone. The STAS windsor is our classic victorian design with elegant and warm features and the STAS riva is our modern design with a robust look and feel.

STAS windsor                                                                                                 STAS riva
                 STAS windsor                      STAS riva

The carrying capacity of the STAS windsor and the STAS riva is the same. Both rails can carry up to 20 kg per meter with the matching hooks. The measurements of our wooden picture rails are as follows:

Length: 94,49 inch (2,4m)

Height: 1,77 inch (45mm)

Thickness: 0,71 inch (18mm)

Wooden picture rail mouldings = Endless possibilities

The possibilities with the wooden picture rail mouldings are endless, since they are perfectly suitable to repaint (but before you do, don’t forget to degrease and sand the picture rail mouldings before you stain or repaint them to achieve the best results!).

Draw attention to them for instance, by painting the picture rail mouldings in contrasting colours to the walls as shown below..

geverfde houten rails                                painted wooden rails

....or experiment with a colourful wallpaper underneath (or above!) your wooden picture rail moulding.

behang met houten rails                                wooden rails with wallpaper

Because of their unique designs, both STAS windsor and STAS riva require different hooks. The STAS moulding hook is available for the STAS windsor in 3 different colors: white, silver and gold. The STAS hook riva is ofcourse suited for the STAS riva and is available in the color silver.

STAS windsor and riva with hooks and cords

STAS hooks wooden rails

The cords that are suited for the STAS windsor and riva are our STAS cables with loop. To be exact we are here talking about the STAS perlon cord with loop and the STAS steel cable with loop. Keep in mind the weight you want to hang when you want to order hooks and cords. As you see in the picture below, the hooks and cords have different load capacities. The STAS zipper and the STAS smartspring ensure that you can easily hang your wall decoration at the right height. Redecorate as often as you like! You'll find the hooks and cords for the STAS windsor and STAS riva over here.

STAS hooks cords wooden rails

Quality wood

We believe in sustainable products with excellent quality. Products to which you can trust your most dearest pictures and artwork. Therefore, we make it our top priority to find the best quality products for our customers. It is therefore not surprising that our wooden picture rail moldings are made of Ayous wood. Ayous wood has the unique ability, unlike other types of wood, that it does not deform in any way nor does it split or splinter.

                          STAS windsor & riva                     vs.                           Other kinds of wood

                                     STAS wood                                                       deformed wood

fsc logopefc logoWe also believe that wooden products and corporate responsibility go hand in hand. We therefore take our responsibility to invest in sustainable forest management. That’s why we are gladly to announce that the STAS wooden picture rails are FSC and PEFC certificated.

How to assemble?

Our STAS wooden picture rails are suitable to screw, nail and even glue(!) for wall mounting and ceiling fitting mounting. The STAS windsor is suitable for wall mounting and it can also be mounted from at least 1 centimeter underneath the ceiling. Because of its design the STAS riva is suitable for wall mounting as well as ceiling fitting mounting. Be careful though when you decide to glue your wooden rails. The bearing capacity of a glued rails is highly dependent on its surface so care must be taken here. More information on how to best glue our wooden rails can be found on our website

We love the versatility of the STAS windsor & the STAS riva! They can be adjusted to suit each taste, so that they fit into any interior. It is also easy to paint them in a new color when you want to upgrade your entire interior! We are so excited about these new products, and we hope you are too! Please let us know what you think.


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