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STAS drywallXpress in comparison with other drywall anchors

How to use drywall anchors

Ideally, when you want to hang something heavy on your drywall, you'd like to use the studs in the wall. However, when this is not possible drywall anchors or other drywall hooks can be a smart solution.
NOTE: screws on their own are not suitable to use with drywall since the brittleness of the drywall wouldn't allow the screw to fully bite into the drywall, limiting the holding strength of the screw. Drywall hooks or anchors however, pierce through the drywall, expand and push against the drywall. Screws can be used with these types of drywall hooks.

An even better solution is a drywall hook that combines the function of drywall anchor and screw, such as the STAS drywall clip!
STAS drywall clip in combination with picture rail = the STAS drywallXpress. The STAS drywallXpress can carry up to 44 lbs per 39.25" of rail!

Why you should use the STAS drywallXpress instead of other brands

advantages STAS drywallXpress

We believe that the STAS drywallXpress works much better than the common Monkey hooks, Toggle Bolts or other drywall anchors that are on the market. See for yourself!

Drywall hooks

STAS drywallXpress

STAS drywall clip + picture rail = STAS drywallXpress

STAS drywall clip pierces through your drywall (even by hand!). The curved design of the clip ensures that the clip stays put. The STAS drywall clip is a unique design (and patented!) and the first drywall hook that can be installed in drywall by hands. Mount multiple drywall clips next to each other and finish by clicking a picture rail onto the clips.

STAS tip: When there are multiple layers of paint or plaster applied on the drywall, the auxiliary tool or a hit with a hammer should help you pushing in the drywall clips.

STAS drywallXpress: Push, Click & Go!

STAS drywallXpress with wall collage

STAS drywallXpress: best picture hangers for drywall

The STAS drywallXpress is a complete picture hanging system consisting of 7 drywall clips, 78.75 inch of rail, two end caps, a rail connector and an auxiliary tool.

The world's EASIEST picture hanging system!

With a little help of the auxiliary tool (or even easier: a hit with a hammer) you can push the drywall clips into the drywall. Combining the clips with a picture rail enables you to flexibly hang your wall decoration with STAS cords and hooks. Simply "hook" the cord into the rail, slide a picture hook over the cord and start decorating! With the STAS drywallXpress you can arrange and rearrange whenever and as often as you like, without making any additional holes in your wall! The convenience of this picture hanging system is amazing!

No tools, no mess, no more holes in your wall and no more delaying realizing the wall collage of your dreams!

STAS hooks and cords

Drywall anchors for heavy items

Heavy items can be easily hung with the STAS drywallXpress. STAS drywallXpress can carry up to an amazing 44 lbs! Hook the STAS cords with cobra into the picture rail at any spot you like. Not happy with this spot? Simply unhook the STAS cord and choose another spot. It's as easy as it comes! The STAS picture hooks; STAS zipper and STAS smartspring enable you to "zip" your picture to the right position on the cord. When hanging something from the STAS drywallXpress, always keep in mind that the STAS hook and cord combinations have their own maximum weight capacity. There are combinations of hooks and cords for loads up to 8.8 lbs, 22 lbs, 33 lbs and 44lbs per set to pick from. It's better to use two or more cord-hook combinations for the larger frames, so the weight capacity is certainly enough, plus you can level the frame better when you have two hook - cord combinations to hang your artwork on.

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