How to hang pictures like a pro


The 15 essential how to’s of picture hanging

how to hang a picture

How to hang a picture

It’s the basic question, isn’t it? The answer depends on four conditions: the material of your wall (or ceiling), the weight of your picture, the look you’re going for and your own DIY skills.

How to hang a picture frame

Framed pictures are the conventional way to hang art and photos. The great advantage of a frame is its sturdiness: artworks are kept safe and are displayed in an elegant way. How to hang a picture frame...

How to hang a picture with wire

You either love it or hate it: hanging pictures with wire. Wire is especially suited to hanging heavy art, since you can use multiple hangers to support the wire. We’ve got some easy tricks to get it just right.

How to hang pictures without nails

The age old problem: hanging pictures damages your walls. Do you dread hanging art because you need to get it right in one try? You don’t want to turn your wall into a sieve? Don’t despair: there are lots of ways to hang pictures without nails.

How to hang a heavy picture

The last thing you want to worry about is whether your treasured artwork will come crashing down. Let us lay down some rules for hanging heavy pictures. Rest assured.

How to hang pictures

Hanging more than one picture means finding your talent for composition. The good news is: everyone has that talent. Need a little encouragement? Read on for tips and tricks.

How to hang pictures on drywall

Drywall can be tricky, especially when your picture needs to go between studs. Drywalls are designed for room separation rather than weight support. But as always: every problem has a solution. Learn how to hang a picture on drywall

picture hanging

How to hang pictures on plaster walls

Plaster walls are hard and require a different approach than drywalls when it comes to hanging pictures. That doesn’t mean hanging pictures on plaster walls is more difficult.

How to hang pictures on a wall

Do your picture frames sit uncomfortably next to your sofa, waiting to be put up? There’s no need to procrastinate: there are easy solutions for hanging pictures on every wall type. Yes, every wall type. Here's how to hang pictures on walls

How to hang pictures straight

Pictures are the icing on the cake of any interior, but only if they are level. How to get that elegant look without endless measuring?

How to hang picture frames on wall

Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes. How to relate the weight and size of your picture frames to the material of your wall?

How to hang picture frames without nails

Picture frames seem to have been created with nails in mind. But as long as the frame has got some sort of hanger or wire, you could hang it on any sort of hook. And here’s the thing: that hook doesn’t have to be a nail. That hook doesn’t even have to damage your walls.

Read on to find out about hanging picture frames without nails.

How to hang picture frames gallery style

Galleries and museums can be called true professionals of displaying art. Their hanging methods are thought-through, elegant and safe. Want to hang art like a pro? Find systems for hanging your picture frames gallery style. Here's more info about hanging pictures gallery style.

How to hang a picture without frame

There’s thousands of ways to hang pictures. Frames are just one of those ways. Read on for some “outside the box” inspiration.

How to find the right picture hanging hardware?

The internet is like an overstocked toolbox in need of some structure: picture hanging hardware is offered online in all shapes and sizes. But what hardware is right for your purposes? Find out all about picture hanging hardware