How to hang heavy objects on drywall

Are you looking for ways to hang a heavy object on your drywall? Look no further because we have such an easy way to do this, anyone can do it!
No drilling machine, no more holes or nails in your wall, no mess, no stress...

With the patented STAS drywallXpress!

  • No tools needed, press the drywall clip in the wall with your hands
  • • Hang multiple pictures with the picture rail
  • • Supported weight: 44 lbs per 39.25" of rail
  • • Enjoy the freedom to rearrange your wall decoration whenever you like!

Hanging heavy objects with STAS drywallXpress

The patented STAS drywallXpress is a complete picture hanging system (7 clips + 78.75 inch of rail) that comes with an auxiliary tool. With this tool (or in the most extreme case: a hammer), you can push (or hit) the drywall clips into your drywall just a little easier. A great way to push the clips into a drywall with multiple layers of paint or plaster.

After pushing the clips into the drywall, the rail can be clicked onto te clips, and... you're done! The patented STAS drywallXpress has an amazing weight limit of up to 44 lbs!
Perfect for heavy paintings, mirrors or other heavy objects.

STAS drywallXpress

Discover in this video how this revolutionary system works:

Hanging heavy pictures with STAS drywallXpress

Hanging heavy pictures on drywall

The STAS drywallXpress is the first picture hanging system for which you don't have to drill holes in the wall, but instead use your hands to assemble it. A unique picture hanging method! With the help of the enclosed auxiliary tool you can push the metal clips, similar to molly bolts or monkey hooks, into your drywall just a little easier.

Heavy pictures with a maximum weight of 44 lbs can be easily hung from the STAS drywallXpress. The drywall clips in combination with the picture rail gives you the freedom to flexibly hang your decoration however you like. Arrange and rearrange in seconds, without drilling any additional holes in your wall!

How to hang heavy pictures on drywall

The STAS drywallXpress can be used with the STAS hooks and cords. Hook the STAS cords with cobra into the picture rail at any spot you like. Not happy with this spot? Simply unhook the STAS cord and choose another spot. It's as easy as it comes! The STAS picture hooks; STAS zipper and STAS smartspring enable you to "zip" your picture to the right position on the cord.

When hanging something from the STAS drywallXpress, always keep in mind that the STAS hook and cord combinations have their own maximum weight capacity. There are combinations of hooks and cords for loads up to 8.8 lbs, 22 lbs, 33 lbs and 44lbs per set to pick from. It's better to use two or more cord-hook combinations for the larger frames, so the weight capacity is certainly enough, plus you can level the frame better when you have two hook - cord combinations to hang your artwork on.

STAS drywallXpress