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Picture Hanging Hardware - STAS picture hanging systems

Picture hanging hardware consists of a wide variety of hardware designed to help you mount your frames, art, canvases and other items securely and elegantly. Our picture hanging hardware consists of 2 different categories: Hardware that is attached to the back of the picture frame and hardware that is needed to put the frame up on your wall (for instance hooks, nails or picture rail). Each solution is designed to fit specific picture-hanging needs. We dare to say we have a solution for any picture hanging problem!

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  • STAS slip over hanger (set of 4)
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  • STAS self-fastening tooth hanger (4 pieces)

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  • STAS self-fastening foam board hanger (4 pieces)
  • STAS plastic sawtooth self-adhesive frame hook (4 pieces)
  • STAS d-ring screw hanger set with steel wire
  • STAS sawtooth hanger with nails (4 sets)
    As low as $3.85

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  • STAS self adhesive dibond hanger - 3.15 x 3.15" - 22lbs weight capacity + installation set
  • STAS stable art
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  • STAS sawtooth hanger

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  • STAS d-ring hanger

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  • STAS self adhesive hangers
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  • STAS S-hook
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  • STAS spacers for picture frames

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  • STAS plate hangers
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sawtooth hanger

Picture hanging brackets - attached to the back of the frame

STAS sawtooth hanger

STAS sawtooth hangers are perfect solid picture hanging brackets for frames and canvasses. Simply mount the hanger with the screws on the back of your picture frame and hang your picture by sliding the sawtooth hanger over a nail or screw in the wall. STAS sawtooth hangers work wonderfully with STAS picture rail and our hooks and cords as well! The STAS zipper and STAS smartspring get a decent and solid grip because of the zig-zag pattern of the sawtooth hanger.

d-ring hanger

STAS d-ring hanger

The STAS d-ring hanger can be screwed to the back of your picture frame. Use 1 or 2 d-ring hangers depending on the size of the frame. Slide the STAS d-ring hangers over a nail or screw in the wall or use STAS picture rail and our hanging hooks STAS smartspring or STAS zipper to hang your picture.

STAS self-adhesive dibond hanger

self-adhesive dibond hanger

The STAS self-adhesive dibond hanger is a metal, self-adhesive plate with hook. It's a perfect solution for when you don't want to use screws or nails to attach the picture bracket. This makes the STAS self-adhesive dibond hanger an excellent solution for hanging mirrors. The self-adhesive hanger can be attached to the wall with a plug and screw or choose for STAS picture rail and hang your item with our flexible picture hanging cords and hooks.

Please note that when applying the STAS self-adhesive dibond hanger it's very important that the surface is dust and grease-free. Clean the surface with the alcohol pred pad, let this dry for a couple of seconds, and place the hanger in the right place. Press firmly for 10 seconds and allow the hanger to adhere for 24 hours before hanging an item.

slip over hanger

STAS slip over hanger

No need for fasteners or tools with this easy slip over hanger!

Slide the picture hook on the wooden back of your frame and you're done. Hang your picture frame on a screw or nail in the wall or combine with a STAS picture rail, picture hanging cords and picture hanging hooks.

stable art hook

STAS stable art hooks

The STAS stable art hooks are sturdy picture hooks designed for heavy-duty picture hanging. Supporting up to 55 lbs for the small stable art hook and 77 lbs for the large one, these picture hangers are the perfect solution for your heavier works of art. The hangers are complete sets with a base and hook but they can also be combined with a range of interchangeable hooks with M6 threading.

Picture rail - picture hardware to hang your picture on the wall

A picture rail is the easiest and most flexible way to hang your pictures. After (an easy!) installation; no more drilling is required to hang your pictures! Change your wall décor as often as you like with a flexible hanging system. We offer various types of picture hanging systems; each designed to fit specific picture-hanging needs. Our picture rails can easily be combined with our picture hanging cords and picture hanging hooks to create a flexible wall layout.

The STAS cliprail is the most basic picture rail in our range. It's a high-quality picture rail and has a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs per 39.25".
The STAS cliprail pro is a massively strong heavy-duty rail for loads up to 99 lbs per linear meter. A great solution if you like to hang heavier works of art.
The STAS minirail is extremely narrow (16 mm/0.63 inches) and therefore very unobtrusive. A best-seller!
The STAS cliprail max features a top rim for a nice and smooth connection with your ceiling.
The STAS j-rail max is another heavy-duty rail that can be combined with rods. It's mainly used in galleries and museums for heavy artworks.

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picture hooks and cords

Picture hanging hooks and cords

All of our standard picture rails can be used with our cords with cobra-end. We offer steel cables and perlon cords and these are specifically designed to be used with our STAS picture hanging systems. The cobra-end is designed to hook in the picture rail for a decent grip. The advantage of the perlon cord is that it's transparent and therefore the most unobtrusive solution. However, a steel cable is suited for hanging heavier works of art. As you can see we have a solution for every specific need!

Our picture hanging hooks are called the STAS zipper and the STAS smartspring. The STAS smartspring can support lighter frames of up to 8.8 lbs. STAS zipper supports heavier frames of up to 44 lbs (if used in conjunction with a steel cable). The STAS smartspring can not be used with our steel cables, only with our perlon cords. The innovative design of the picture hooks allows for an easy and flexible way to change the position of your picture. By gently squeezing the hooks you can slide them up or down a cord to change the height of your wall décor.