Picture hanging rails

Picture hanging rails

STAS offers a modern alternative to the traditional picture hanging rail. Our picture hanging systems are perfect for modern home interiors, offices, museums and galleries. You can learn more about the qualities of the STAS aluminum picture hanging rails on this page.

There’s two types of modern picture hanging rails:
Picture hanging rails for wall mounting
Picture hanging rails for ceiling mounting

Why choose STAS picture hanging rails:
- Various systems for any type of wall or ceiling
- Very small rail systems, barely visible, sleek and elegant
- Metal picture hanging rail: high strength aluminum profiles in various colors
- The rail is powder coated, which protects the rail against fading
- The picture hanging rail is paintable
- They’re easy to shorten and lengthen / link them together
- Easy to assemble, we also offer clear installation videos and manuals
- Easy, fast and flexible to use
- The cords and cables can be hooked into the picture hanging rail at any desired spot.
- Hang your pictures instantly with the patented STAS cobra!
- The patented picture rail hooks STAS zipper and STAS smartspring are self-locking
- We offer a wide choice of applicable accessories
- STAS picture hanging systems has its own development department
- STAS carries over 20 patented products in its product range
- STAS stands for quality and innovation: the company has won three international awards!

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