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So, you want to hang framed artwork, a clock, photo's, poster, etc., but haven’t decided which method is right for your situation and budget? Let us help! We offer multiple options to hang your frames.

Choose your hardware, in case your frame has no wire or other picture frame hangers yet:

  • • STAS d-ring hanger 0,79 inch nickel, this d-ring hanger can be screwed to the back of a frame to hang it from the hook. Price per piece.
  • • STAS sawtooth picture frame hangers are a good suspension system for frames and canvasses, because of the zig-zag pattern, the object stays suspended as it is and doesn't slip from the hook sideways.. Price per piece.
  • • Self-adhesive plates for hanging art on acrylic or Dibond and similar flat panels and mirrors. These picture frame hangers include wall hook, mounting plug and screw. For secure, heavy duty picture hanging. Price per piece.

Choose your hooks & cords, accessories compatible with picture rails:

Choose your STAS picture hanging rail:

Weight capacityMountingLook and feelInstallation instructionsPrice
STAS minirail


smallest rail in the world

55 lbs per 39.25"Wall mounted, any wall type

White or silver, neutral & minimal visibility

Starting from

$ 18.36

STAS cliprail pro

cliprail pro

heavy duty rail

99 lbs per 39.25"Wall mounted, any wall typeWhite or silver, neutral & minimal visibility

Starting from

$ 23.03

STAS cliprail max

cliprail max

no gap between rail and ceiling
55 lbs per 39.25"Wall mounted, any wall typeWhite or silver, neutral & adjoining to ceiling

Starting from

$ 18.44

STAS multirail


12 V rail for hanging and lighting art
99 lbs per 39.25"Wall mounted, any wall typeWhite or silver, neutral & high-end

Starting from

$ 78.17

STAS j-rail max

j-rail max

for professional use on high walls, only compatible with j-rail accessoiries
220 lbs per 39.25"Wall mounted, any wall typeWhite or silver, industrial

Starting from

$ 18.63

STAS prorail flat

prorail flat

for ceiling fastening, can be concealed in plasterwork
99 lbs per 39.25"Ceiling mountedWhite, neutral & minimal visibility

Starting from

$ 32.98

STAS u-rail


rail for drop ceilings and wooden ceilings
44 lbs per 39.25"Drop ceiling mountedWhite or black, neutral & minimal visibility

Starting from

$ 11.31

Choose your lighting, only compatible with STAS multirail:

(Weight) capacityCompatible withColorPrice
STAS sirius

sirius light fixture

19.68 inches (50 cm) long. can be clicked into a multirail at any spot to illuminate artworks. Including 4 W lamp.

$ 80,62

STAS signo

signo light fixture

an elegant curve, a chrome finish and 27.56 inches (70 cm) long. Including 4 W lamp.

$ 88,02

Tips & tricks:

  • - For optimal flexibility and the sleekest look, we recommend installing rail across the full length of your walls. The rail can be easily cut to size.
  • - Several cord/hook combinations can be made per rail type. To decide how many and which cables and hooks you need for your items, you have to take into account the size and weight of each item. You can increase the weight capacity by using two cables an hooks until you reach the weight capacity per inch of the rail of your choice.
  • - The perlon cord is transparent and therefore hardly visible. The steel cable (also available in black and white) is suitable for hanging heavier decorations and has a more industrial look.
  • - Rails in the STAS j-rail series use different hooks and cords.
  • - The length of the cables you need depends on the height of the room and how high you want the items to hang.
  • - For other frequently asked questions: