Safer for workers and shoppers

It is very difficult for employees and cashiers to comply with the World Health Organization guidelines to keep distance from customers during the current outbreak of the coronavirus / COVID-19. STAS has developed a solution in which a barrier is created between the customer and the employee.

A professional & easy install

Not a simple tablecloth, but a professional and rollable barrier of A-PET that can easily be hung on (drop) ceilings with the supplied (drop) ceiling hooks. The barrier is installed with the hooks in an instant, and can be easily removed after. The screen also offers the ability to cut out unique shapes by the cash register or point of sale display.

The STAS barrier screen has been developed in such a way that the screen is solid without rotating or twitching. In addition, a choice was made for crystal-clear material with the highest transparency for the least possible blurred vision.

The STAS barrier screen consists of:

1x STAS barrier screen (48"x48")
2x STAS suspended ceiling hooks or standard installation set (screws / plugs / ceiling hooks)
2x STAS steel cords with loop
2x STAS hooks

The STAS barrier screen is already widely used in big European supermarket chains like Albert Heijn and Jumbo. It will be delivered pre-assembled. An ideal solution to help comply with the WHO guidelines of keeping distance for supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, bakers, butchers and other (retail) shops.

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