STAS prorail max

The STAS prorail max is a heavy-duty picture rail for the perfectionist. Thanks to its thick-walled profile it can carry up to 199 lbs per 78.25". The top rim ensures that the rail fits tightly against the ceiling. With this system, your ceiling, wall and hanging system smoothly unite. It is also possible to hide cables behind the top rim. For an optimal result, you can finish the transition between the STAS prorail max and the ceiling with, for example, an (acrylic) sealant.

The STAS prorail max has a thicker profile than the cliprail max, which makes it stronger and has a higher weight baring capacity. With this rail, it's possible to add a voltage conductor, so you can transfer it to a multirail max with lighting.

Install with STAS rail clips and screws (6 per 78.75" of rail). Other required parts: plugs, rail connector, end cap and corner cap.

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STAS prorail max
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STAS prorail max 78.75"
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STAS rail clip

STAS screw

STAS plug 6 mm for hard wall

STAS rail connector

STAS prorail max/multirail max end cap
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STAS prorail max/multirail max corner cap
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