How to hang quilts and other fabrics without breaking a sweat


Hassle. That’s the word that comes to mind when we think of hanging fabrics on a wall. Recognizable?

The hanging of fabrics often demands special frameworks like quilt racks, lots of drilling and lots of deliberation. Because you want to be absolutely sure you’ve picked the right spot for your quilt or tapestry before you turn your wall into a Swiss cheese. That’s daunting enough to put it off forever, right?

Well, you can stop procrastinating right now. Because there is an easier way.


rug hangers

STAS quilt hangers

STAS quilt hangers are small clips. The clips can be clipped onto the top edge of the fabric and can then be hung from a STAS cord. It’s that simple.

Moreover, by using STAS quilt hangers you can avoid the obtrusiveness of regular wooden banner hangers. Nothing will take away from the beauty of your quilt display! STAS quilt hangers are available in two types: choose a heavy duty or a light duty clip.

What to hang with STAS quilt hangers? 

          - Tapestries
          - Quilts
          - Banners
          - Flags
          - Decorating with drapes
          - Other fabrics as you see fit


quilt hangers

Picture hanging systems

The term “picture hanging systems” is a bit deceptive. Because pictures are just one of the many types of objects you can hang from a hanging system.

So, why use a picture hanging system with quilt hangers?

One word: freedom! A picture hanging system enables you to arrange and rearrange your wall decor without having to drill holes, use nails or take out tools. Ever.

Picture hanging systems consist of an aluminum picture rail, cords and hooks. The rail is mounted on your wall, just below the ceiling. The cords are hooked into the rail, the hooks are then slid across the cord to the desired height.

All of our rails can be used to hang your quilt or other fabrics. It depends on your personal taste and the use of the rail what is the best choice. Just for hanging quilts up to 8.82 lbs per quilt hanger, a STAS minirail will be sufficient.. We have a helpful comparison page to make the choice easier:

Temporary displays

Not all decoration is permanent. Think for instance of birthday banners, wedding banners, vinyl banners, flags or even trade show displays. Or what about decorating with black fabric for Halloween?

If decor is up for only a few days or weeks, drilling holes is out of the question. With STAS, your options are still open. So feel free to get creative.