Upgrade from cliprail pro to multirail

To upgrade from a STAS cliprail Pro to a STAS multirail system, you will need to add a copper insert to the existing rail. This insert will allow you to attach the power supply, which is necessary to power the 12 volt multirail system. Once the insert and power supply are added, you will be able to add light fixtures at any point of the rail!
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Upgrade from cliprail pro to multirail
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STAS 12V conductor insert for multirail series 78.75"

STAS multirail power supply 84 W

STAS light fixture classic + smart WiFi LED
As low as $77.72

STAS light fixture sirius 19.68 inches (50 cm) + powerLED 4 watt

STAS light fixture signo 27.56 inches (70 cm) + powerLED 4 watt

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