Picture hanging systems: the best way to hang your pictures!

Hanging a picture has never been easier, using the picture rail manufactured by STAS picture hanging systems. With our various picture hanging systems, you can hang your wall decorations quickly and easily. Arrange and rearrange them time and time again without using any tools, screws or nails!

The unique STAS system truly delivers; once the picture rail is installed, you’ll never need to drill a hole in the wall ever again! Hang your paintings, photographs, posters and picture frames with the variety of picture hooks and picture hangers by STAS.

This is also the reason why STAS delivers its solutions to the world's most renowned museums, art galleries, universities, governmental institutions, etc.. But STAS provides customized solutions for your home as well! On this website, we will give you ideas on how to hang your pictures. You will find many solutions for secure, flexible and elegant picture hanging.

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STAS community testimonials

"I am very happy with how easy the system installs, how streamline it looks and the incredible flexibility it gives me to hang and display my most valued art collection. "

Joanne - 07/30/2014 on STAS cliprail pro

"Fabulous system and a pleasure to install...I change my hanging arrangements frequently. To avoid all those nail holes, I searched and found the STAS system. This is my first wall...more to follow. "

Amber73- 01/30/2014 on STAS cliprail max

"I am an art teacher and use this rail system. It contains glass marbles, and it won't damage student art. The system is installed in the schools lobby/entry, and in my classroom as well."

Phillip- 07/26/2013 on STAS paperrail

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STAS picture hanging systems are available throughout the world. There's also an official webshop in the United Kingdom. If you live in the UK, buy your picture hanging systems at www.hangingsystems.com! This shop also offers traditional picture rail hooks, which can be used with wooden, traditional, picture rail.