What do you want to hang with STAS?

The walls in your home, office or other areas are giant canvasses that you see every day. What do you want to do with that space? The picture hanging systems from STAS ensure creative wall use. To update your rooms regularly, you can simply change your wall decoration with STAS, without having to make holes or repair your beautiful walls. You can give your living or working space a completely new atmosphere instantly!

Where do you want to use STAS?

STAS picture hanging systems are ideal for use in all spaces and all types of walls and ceilings. Used by homeowners, companies and the most renowned museums, government buildings and universities in the world. We offer picture hanging systems for every budget.

How does the STAS system work?

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Picture hanging systems: the easiest way to decorate your wall!

You can easily move your furniture, so why not your paintings? Are you ever reluctant to rearrange your wall decorations, because you don't feel like the dust and hassle that comes with drilling? Have you ever put furniture in a different way in the room, so that your photo frames disappeared behind the cupboard or couch? No worries, with STAS painting hanging systems these problems are a thing of the past!

What is a picture hanging system?

STAS systems are deceptively simple. They essentially consist of three components: a rail, a cord and a matching hook.

  • 1. Mount the rail on your wall or ceiling. This is the last time you'll have to drill!
  • 2. Hook the cord in the rail where you want to hang an object.
  • 3. Slide the hook over the cord to the desired height.
  • 4. Hang your item and you're done!

Rearrange the items or their locations, whenever and as often as you like. No tools, no mess, no maintenance costs, no damaged walls! The hanging systems have neutral, elegant design and are virtually visible if you wish.