Hanging systems with lighting

Add elegance, glamour and sophistication to your space and let your artworks take center stage. STAS multirail is a globally patented picture hanging system equipped with integrated 12 V power supply wires (low voltage). Lighting fixtures with LED lamps can be clicked into the rail at any spot to illuminate your wall decorations.

Should you come across any issues while installing the STAS multirail or accessoiries, consult this manual for common solutions. And of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you need help!

You can find the multirail light fixtures here »
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  1. STAS multirail

    Starting at $2.41

    Wall mounted system, hang and light

    Weight-limit: Up to 200 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at $88.66

  2. STAS u-rail multi - compile your set

    Starting at $0.12

    Ceiling mounted system with lighting

    Weight-limit: Up to
    20 lb/ft (30 kg/m)*

    In white, black and alu

    Starting at $10.53 per linear foot
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14 Items

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