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Art hanging systems

Art hanging systems - also called picture hanging systems or gallery systems - are the perfect solution for anyone who would like to display works of art professionally, flexibly, elegantly and safely. STAS picture hanging systems are used extensively in galleries and museums all over the world, by independent artists, by home owners, by businesses.

The main advantages of art hanging systems:

art hanging systems
  • • Art displays are given a supremely professional appearance
  • • Rearranging artworks is easy and fast - no need for tools!
  • • No costs for maintenance, rearrangements or repairs
  • • Hanging systems are also suitable for hanging very heavy art

STAS art hanging systems: how do they work?

  1. An art hanging system is essentially a rail system. It all starts with an aluminum picture rail that can be mounted to either wall or ceiling.
  2. The matching cords (or steel cables) can be hooked into the rail at any desired spot.
  3. Subsequently, artwork can be hung from the patented STAS smartspring or STAS zipper. These picture hooks can be slid up and down the cord to the desired height.

STAS art hanging systems: which one to choose?

Our webshop offers a range of different art hanging systems to suit every need:

STAS minirail: very elegant, barely visible system
STAS cliprail max: features a top rim that connects to your ceiling; ceiling, wall and system smoothly unite
STAS cliprail pro: for heavier works of art
STAS j-rail max: used in the most renowned galleries and museums worldwide
STAS prorail flat: can be concealed in plasterwork, flat decorative framework or behind a molding

Get more out of art hanging systems

Anti-theft art hanging system

The j-rail max art hanging systems by STAS have not just been designed for hanging heavy art, they also protect your art against theft. The STAS j-rail max gallery rail is simple and robust. The thick-walled aluminum profile carries loads up to 220 lbs per meter. It also provides an additional security system against theft. With the help of various accessories, this rail can be transformed into an anti-theft art hanging system.

Magnetic art hanging

Aside from regular art hanging systems, STAS offers a range of additional products and art hanging methods to complete your art display. For instance, STAS offers magnetic picture hooks for the flexible hanging of art on steel surfaces. The largest magnetic picture hook we have on offer has a tractive force of 46 lbs.

Art fairs and festivals

The various systems are also suitable for use at art fairs or art festivals. Keep in mind though, that the picture rail needs to be mounted to a wall or ceiling of some sort. In case of frequent use at art fairs, the picture hanging rail can be detached and refitted at a different location.