Hanging pictures without nails

Reasons not to drill into the wall

You probably recognize the feeling. You really want to hang your painting, but drilling into your walls is a stumbling point. You may find it a bit scary to drill holes in your walls. After all, determining the correct position of the drilling hole is not an easy job and a mistake is easily made. In addition, making a hole in your wall feels like something final. You can of course patch up the damage that's done to your wall, but your wall will never look as sleek as before. Luckily, there are plenty of options so that you can hang your painting without drilling!

How to hang pictures without nails?

1. A picture hanging rail from STAS

Do you also want to hang pictures without nails? After the simple, one-time installation of the picture hanging system on the wall or ceiling, you will never have to drill holes in the wall or use tools, screws or nails again to hang your pictures or frames.

STAS' various patented picture hanging systems can be mounted on any wall or ceiling; even on drywall! The STAS drywallXpress is the easiest picture rail in the world; just push, click & go. With the accompanying hooks and cords, adding, moving and changing pictures and wall decorations is child's play!

A picture hanging system sounds more complicated than it is. Basically, our picture hanging systems consist of three parts: a picture hanging rail, a cord and a picture hook.

1. Mount the picture hanging rail to your wall or ceiling. After this, you never have to drill again!
2. Hook the cord into the picture hanging rail at any desired location.
3. Slide the picture hook over the cord to the desired height.
4. Hang a picture or other wall decoration on the hook: done!
Your picture hangs without nails!

Do you want to hang something without drilling or without nails? Use a picture hanging system from STAS picture hanging systems!

2. Adhesive strips

Self-adhesive strips are a cheap and quick solution for hanging a picture without nails. But be warned! The major disadvantage of adhesive strips is the risk of wall damage when you want to remove the adhesive strip. The well-known tesa tape is so strong that stucco or wallpaper is easily ripped off. Correctly attaching the adhesive strips also proves to be quite a challenge. Correctly attaching the adhesive strips is very difficult and a mistake is easily made. In addition, the conditions of a room might influence the adhesion of the adhesive strip. An environment that is too hot or humid has an adverse effect on the sticking mechanism. It will therefore not be the first nor the last time that a picture frame hung with adhesive strips ends up in pieces on the floor!

STAS magnetische schilderijhaak

3. Magnetic picture hangers

Hanging a painting or photo frame on a steel wall or steel cabinet without damaging it? You can with our magnetic picture hanger! You can easily hang the STAS magnetic picture hook on a steel wall, cabinet or steel strip, after which you can hang your decoration on the picture hook. This way you can easily hang a photo frame or picture without drilling!

STAS fotolijst plank

4. Picture frame shelf - Picture ledges

A picture frame shelf is a versatile solution for hanging a picture without nails. Simply place your picture frames, paintings and other interior decoration on the picture frame shelf and add small adjustments to your layout in no time for a beautiful composition. In addition to picture hanging systems, we also have a modern white picture frame shelf in our range!

5. Adhesive nails/hooks

Self-adhesive nails or hooks are a convenient alternative to the traditional screw or nail in the wall. They are suitable for various surfaces such as wallpaper and plaster. There are also adhesive hooks that are specially made for tiles. Self-adhesive hooks/nails are particularly useful for hanging lightweight items. However, with this solution as well, the biggest disadvantage is that there is a high chance of wall damage when you want to remove the adhesive strip. As a result, these picture hooks cannot be used flexibly. In addition, the conditions of a room also affect the adhesion of the adhesive strip which may cause the hook to come loose in a warm or humid environment.

STAS molding hooks

6. Molding hooks

We have good news for you if you are lucky enough to have beautiful traditional picture molding in your home. Using our molding hooks is the best way to hang your pictures without nails and without drilling holes in your wall. Our molding hooks come in a classic design with several colors to choose from. In combination with our hooks with loop and picture hooks that you can slide over the cable you'll hang your pictures in no-time!

7. Washi tape

Washi tape is a playful and colorful way to hang posters without drilling. Washi tape (also called masking tape) is a kind of adhesive tape but in a cheerful color. It is made of a kind of paper that you tear easily and that you can even write on. You can use the tape to hang your posters or use the tape to make a nice frame around your poster on the wall. Washi tape is available in many colors and designs, so there is always something that fits in your interior. The disadvantage of washi tape is that the tape is only suitable for very light materials such as a poster, cards or other light materials.

The best way to hang pictures without nails

Picture hanging systems from STAS

There are many different types of picture hanging systems for hanging pictures without nails or drilling. We have very narrow picture hanging systems, ceiling-connecting hanging systems, very sturdy hanging systems and picture rails with picture lighting.

A complete overview of all STAS picture hanging systems can be found here.

Hanging picture frames without nails: how does it work?

You can hook the picture hanging cable into the picture rail at any desired location. Then attach the picture hanging hook (STAS zipper or STAS smartspring) to the perlon cord (or steel wire) and slide the hook to the desired height. This way you'll be able to change the height of your picture. With the picture hanging systems from STAS you can very easily move your wall decorations to the left, right, up and down, without nails or having to drill a hole in the wall!

The advantages of a STAS picture hanging system

A number of major advantages when you use a STAS picture hanging system:

    - Easily, quickly and flexibly hang, change or move picture frames, paintings and other decorations
    - Cords with STAS cobra (steel or perlon) can be hooked into the picture rail at any desired location
    - The height of the picture hanging hook (STAS zipper / STAS smartspring) is also very easy to adjust
    - Various picture hanging systems for every type of wall or ceiling
    - Easy to shorten or extend
    - Can bear a weight of 20 kg (44 lbs) to 100 kg (220 lbs) per meter
    - Our picture rails are powder coated, which protects against discoloration
    - Our picture rails can be painted over

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