Track lighting systems for art and pictures

Track lighting systems

Track lighting systems often find their purpose as art lighting. Now, what if the track wouldn’t just hang your track light fixtures but your artworks as well?

Track lighting for art

The big advantage of art tracks that integrate lighting is flexibility. Once your track has been installed on your wall, no more drilling is needed, ever. Hang your artworks from the rail and rearrange without tools whenever you feel like it. Result: flexible track lighting and hanging - all in one system!

Similarly, click the track light fixtures in the track at any spot you like. There’s no fuss with wires, because a power supply wire runs through the track.

Low voltage track lighting

Low voltage track lighting

STAS offers low voltage track lighting: the power supply wires that run through the track are 12 V wires.

The lamps in the light fixtures are led lamps. Led lighting is the lighting of the future. Led lamps are very efficient and durable. Moreover, led lighting doesn’t get warm. Neither does it emit UV or infrared radiation. In short: led is not only the most efficient but also the safest choice for illuminating artwork.

Track lighting ideas

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Track lighting kits online

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And light away.

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