Cubicle hooks

Spice up your office with cubicle hooks

Is your cubicle a bland space? Here’s how to spice things up without any lasting damage to your cubicle walls.

With hooks for cubicle walls, you can hang coats, bags, artwork and more without damaging the partition itself. These cubicle hooks come in various different shapes and sizes. Find the cubicle hook that is right for you!

Cubicle hooks to hang pictures

STAS panel hooks

Picture frames with photos of family, friends, lovers and pets are the easiest way to personalize your cubicle. They will bring back good memories and will help you find inspiration every day. On your desk, however, they will take up precious workspace. So, why not hang them on your cubicle wall? It is easy: simply use cubicle wall hooks!

Here’s how it works:
• Pick the cubicle hook that matches the depth of your cubicle wall.
• From the hook, hang a special STAS perlon cord or steel cable with loop.
• Slide one of STAS’s patented picture hooks over the cord towards the desired height.
• Hang your picture frame!

You can combine the STAS cords and hooks in three ways:
• A perlon cord with loop and zipper carries up to 8.8 lbs
• A perlon cord with loop and smartspring carries up to 33 lbs
• Steel cable with loop and zipper carries up to 44 lbs

cubicle hooks

Coat hooks for cubicles

Cubicle hangers are also very suited to use as coat hangers.

Magnetic cubicle wall hangers

Are your cubicle walls made of steel or do you have other steel surfaces like cupboards in your cubicle? You’re in luck!

Try STAS magnetic picture hooks to hang picture frames or even small bulletin boards, mirrors and clocks. Or create a magnetic hanging system with a cubicle hook: hang a steel cable with loop from your hook and attach cards, notes and photos to the cable with small STAS magnets.

You can find all of these supplies in our online shop!