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Ceiling mounted picture hanging systems

Ceiling tracks for hanging pictures are usually quite visible or obtrusive. Not so with STAS. We offer two types of ceiling picture hanging systems that blend in with your interior.

STAS u-rail
STAS u-rail is a rail for drop ceilings. The rail is installed on the recessed wooden edging of the drop ceiling system and is therefore almost completely hidden from sight.
STAS prorail flat

STAS prorail flat is a sturdy and solid profile that can be almost invisibly combined with plasterwork, flat decorative framework or a molding.

Both rail types are modern picture hanging systems, providing your space with a sleek look and all the comfort of easy rearranging of art, pictures, clocks, mirrors etc. with a ceiling cable hanging system.

Drop ceiling hooks

Our drop ceiling hooks can be easily slid over the ceiling profile in just one move. The hooks are slid over an intermediate section in the ceiling. A handy solution for hanging things like billboards, signage for routing and other items from a drop ceiling.
Drop ceiling hooks

Picture hanging: from ceiling or wall?

There can be all sorts of reasons why you might want to hang your art from the ceiling rather than from a wall mounted picture hanging system. Mostly it’s a matter of preference and the basic trim and finish of the space you’re working with.

For example, ceiling mounted picture rail works very well when you’re working with a gorgeous brick wall, with a tiled mantle piece or when your ceilings are framed by molding or other decorative plastering.

Choosing ceiling mounted art hanging systems

So, are you ready to make your choice? Or do you need some more specifics?

Buy or find out more about STAS u-rail here.
Buy or find out more about STAS prorail flat here.

We have assembled kits for hanging art from the ceiling. All that remains for you to do is pick the number of rail segments you will need. And, if that’s more than one, add rail connectors to your basket. All other tools and accessories are included in the installation kit.

Opting for a wall mounted picture rail instead? You will find all our wall mounted tracks here.