Picture lights

Picture lights

Imagine lighting your art or picture display…
…without drilling holes
…without using tools
…without static, immobile picture lights
…without wasting energy

STAS offers unique picture lights that are not attached to your wall or artwork and that can be rearranged as often as you like. How?

Picture lights in action

Picture hanging systems with lighting

The patented STAS multirail system is hanging system and picture light in one. By hanging your pictures from a picture rail, rather than from nails, you don’t damage your walls and can rearrange your displays endlessly.

And here’s the bonus: 12 V power supply wires run through the rail. That means: wireless picture lights can be clicked into the rail at any spot along your entire wall. Moreover, our lighting fixtures are direct wire picture lights, so no sloppy wires are visible.

Can’t visualize it? Watch the clip below!

Picture display lights

Our lighting fixtures are equipped with energy efficient led lights. Unlike halogen, led lights do not get warm, do not give off UV- or infrared radiation and do not flicker. In short: the ideal type of light to keep your artworks safe and sound and to illuminate them beautifully without wasting energy (and money).

Our elegant picture lights have a chrome finish and come in two lengths: 50 cm and 70 cm.

STAS art lighting fixtures

Buy picture lights online

Buying picture lights is not difficult. In fact, you can purchase them instantly online. Our webshop will provide you with all the necessary information on products, pricing and delivery.

Have a look: you may be surprised to find that an art hanging system with integrated lighting is not expensive at all.

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