Inspiration for art hanging in galleries and museums


Create, express and inspire with art hanging systems

STAS picture hanging systems offers art hanging solutions specifically designed for professional use in galleries and museums.
We’ll blend into the background to make your objects shine!

Gallery hanging systems: a hanging solution for every type of artwork

In your gallery or museum space, the art does all the talking. But does it really? Light, hanging angles, many elements can distract from a clean display. STAS picture hanging systems is dedicated to making your objects shine. We offer solutions specifically designed for professional use in galleries and museums. And we’ll make sure we blend into the background!

Choose safety
Whether the objects you wish to hang are very light or very heavy, very large or very small, the hanging systems by STAS always guarantee safe and steady placement. Our j-rail max art hanging system is specifically designed to carry weight up to 100 kilograms. We also offer theft deterrent systems.

Choose durability
STAS picture hanging systems are an investment for a lifetime. The rail is the only fixed element in a system that was created to allow for endless and effortless rearranging, adjusting, reorganizing. And in the process, you won’t be troubled by maintenance or repair costs!

Choose elegance
The neutral and minimalistic designs of STAS products give you total control over the degree of visibility of the systems. Choose rails in a color matching that of your wall or make a contrasting statement. Rails and cords are as small and efficient as possible.

STAS for galleries is…
..a durable investment accommodating endless adjustments, modifications, reorganizing.
..a hanging solution for every type of artwork (heavy or light, big or small).
..a safe choice: professional stability, optional theft deterrent system.


Smallest in the world

cliprail pro

Heavy duty

cliprail max

Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap

j-rail max


prorail flat

For ceiling and plastering
Weight capacity55 lbs per 39.25"99 lbs per 39.25"55 lbs per 39.25"220 lbs per 39.25"99 lbs per 39.25"
Mounting onWallWallWallWallCeiling
ColorWhite or silverWhite or silverWhite or silverWhite or silverWhite
Theft delaying possibility?
Mounting instructions
Additional hangersHooks and cordsHooks and rods
Price per 78.75"
-Mounting materials
-Picture rail
$ 22.43$ 29.47$ 23.85$ 24.62$ 43.24