How to choose an artwork hanging system

Artwork hanging system

Because art is to be treasured

Every artwork is unique, so hanging art is an equally unique challenge. An artwork hanging system will readily take on that challenge, whether it be in a museum, a gallery, a business or at home. Here’s how to make the right choice for your prized pieces.

The 3 components of a hanging system

In essence, hanging systems consist of three components:

1. an aluminum rail
2. cords (or steel cables)
3. hooks

• The aluminum rail is mounted on a wall or ceiling.
• A cord or cable is hooked into the rail at any spot.
• A picture hook is then slid across the cord or cable to the height you desire.

The benefits of a hanging system

The beauty of an art hanging system lies in its flexibility, safety and elegance.

• One system can accommodate many different types of artwork.
• Artworks hang safely. Some rails and hooks even have theft-delaying properties.
• Artworks can be easily rearranged without using any tools.
• Hanging systems are suited to hanging very heavy art.

How to pick the artwork hanging system that's right for you

There’s no such thing as the artwork hanging system.

Even though most hanging systems closely resemble each other, there are subtle differences that accommodate different types of uses, weights and budgets.

Choose a hanging system by determining…

…the weight of the art you wish to hang.
Rails, cords, cables and hooks all have maximum weight indications. The weight indicators for rails are appointed per running meter. Art hanging systems are specifically suited to hanging framed art, but any object that can be equipped with a STAS picture hook can be hung from the system, as long as the weight indications are respected.

…the amount of money you want to spend on a system.
Here’s the surprise: a complete, basic hanging system doesn’t have to cost you more than 25 dollars. Systems that can carry up to 100 kilograms, like the STAS j-rail, or systems with integrated lighting will be more expensive. Overall though, art hanging systems provide a very cost-effective solution. Aside from the cheaper-than-imagined price of the product itself, a hanging system will eliminate maintenance and repair costs.

…the look you’re after.
Hanging systems can be just as visible as you wish them to be. You can sand and paint them in any color you like, install them just below the ceiling or halfway across your wall. Specific rail types, like the STAS decor rail, can be integrated in crown moldings. STAS plaster rail takes it even further: this rail is integrated in new builds or in new plasterwork.

Ready to give it a try? Find the STAS products that fit your requirements.