Picture hooks

Picture hooks can make or break your wall design. Literally. To a large extent, it’s your picture hooks that determine whether or not pictures hang safely, flexibly and elegantly.

Need some help choosing the right picture hooks to hang pictures? STAS will be your guide:

STAS smartspring (light, flexible) STAS picture hooks
The smartspring is used for hanging light objects up to 8.8 lbs.
It is not attached to your wall, but to a perlon cord that you hook into a rail. This means that rearranging pictures no longer requires tools and doesn’t damage walls. It is a picture frame hook, not suitable for hanging loose photos or papers.

STAS zipper (heavier, flexible)
The zipper is a popular hanging hook, used for hanging heavier objects up to 44 lbs.
Like the smartspring, it is not attached to your wall, but to a cord or steel cable, which in turn is hooked into a STAS rail.

STAS j-rail max hook (heavy, secure)
The STAS j-rail max system is a professional system used in museums and galleries. The strongest hooks are true heavy duty picture hooks: they can carry up to 220 lbs.
Want more security? You can even pick a j-rail max hook with an extra theft-delaying mechanism.

STAS picture rail molding hook (decorative, for traditional picture rail)
If you're looking for a decorative picture hook, you could consider using a picture rail molding hook. Picture molding hooks are available in many shapes and sizes and go with decorative picture rail that is mounted on your wall.

STAS magnetic picture hook (magnetic)
They do exist: magnetic picture hooks. Ideal if you have lots of steel surfaces and don’t want to leave any marks. The magnetic solutions by STAS even allow you to hang framed art!

Self-adhesive picture hooks Adhesive picture hooks
Ideal picture hook for flat surfaces such as artwork on dibond, acrilyc or other flat panels. You can even hang mirrors with these heavy duty self adhesive hanging plates.