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Art lighting fixtures

Art lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, but there are three things that always matter when you make a choice: practicality, look and energy efficiency.

STAS provides wall art lighting fixtures for paintings that deliver in all three domains. We do this by providing led lighting fixtures that are integrated in art hanging systems. Let us show you how that works.

Art lighting fixtures

Practicality of light fixtures for paintings

STAS offers picture rail with 12 V power supply wires running through it. You’ll simply click the special art lighting fixtures into the rail and you’re good to go. The art is hung from cords and matching hooks. The cords too, are simply clicked into the rail.

The advantages? Your lighting fixtures can be rearranged limitlessly, without tools, drill holes or damage to your picture frames.

Sometimes seeing something is easier:

Light fixtures for paintings

STAS offers wall art lighting fixtures in two designs: choose a fixture with a straight or arched line.

    • • The sirius fixture is a chrome fixture of 50 cm long. It has a straight design with a slight arch.
    • • The signo fixture is a chrome fixture of 70 cm long. It has an arched design.

    STAS art lighting fixtures

    The lamp in the fixture is an efficient 4 W powerLED lamp, which emits a cool, warm white light.

    Art lighting fixtures

    Energy efficiency of STAS art light fixtures

    Led lighting is extremely energy efficient and durable. First of all, led lamps last twenty times longer than a traditional lamp! Moreover, they convert 80% of their energy to light. In regular halogen this is only 20%. Another advantage of led lights: they do not get warm. Neither do they have any effect on the artwork: colors won’t fade and paint won’t melt. In short: led seems to have been invented for picture lighting.

    Wall art lighting fixtures

    Assembling an art lighting system is no rocket science. Therefore, the STAS art lighting products can be bought easily online, in our webshop.

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