4 smart ways to use panel hooks

Panel hooks can be a multifunctional tool in decorating and personalizing spaces. They come in handy in various sorts of rooms for lots of different applications. All you need is a partition of some kind.

1. Coat hangers

Panel hooks are very suitable for use as coat hangers, for example on your office cubicle wall.

2. Picture frames

Create an easy picture hanging system by combining a panel hook with a STAS perlon cord with loop and a STAS picture hook.

Hang the cord with loop from the panel hook and slide the special picture hook over the cord to the desired height. Then, simply hang your picture frame (or clock or mirror or bulletin board) from the hook.

An ideal way to hang your cubicle wall accessories without damaging the partition.

3. Cards, photos, memos

Are your photos not framed or do you need some place to quickly stall memos and notes? Combine a panel hook with a STAS steel cable with loop. Attach your cards or memos to the cable with small STAS magnets and your magnetic hanging system is ready.

STAS panel hooks

4. Use on doors

Despite their name, panel wall hooks are not exclusively suited to use on panels… or walls… or panel walls. They could also be very useful on doors, closet doors or basically, any other flat, rectangular surface you could find, whether that be a headboard, a glass wall, or a trade fair partition.

STAS panel hooks come in various shapes, sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits your wall type or partition (or other flat, rectangular surface).

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