Picture display systems

picture display systems

STAS offers a large variation of picture display systems to suit all your picture hanging needs. They have one important thing in common: no nails are necessary after installation, which will guarantee ultimate freedom to hang and rearrange pictures in one move, without tools!

Browse our online shop or read on to find out more about our various types of picture display systems below:

Display pictures with rail and wire

If you're looking to hang framed pictures, our various picture hanging systems are a perfect solution! A picture hanging system consists of...

...picture rail
the rail can be mounted easily on either wall or ceiling with just a few screws.
...cords or steel wire
hook your cord into the rail at any desired spot.
...picture hooks
slide a hook over the cord to the perfect height and hang your picture!

Feel free: create picture displays anywhere

Repeat the process for all your framed pictures, photos and artworks and effortlessly create picture displays, collages or even an entire gallery wall. The cords will hold multiple picture hooks, as long as you keep in mind the maximum load capacity of the specific rail, cord and hook.

Picture hanging systems are sometimes called art hanging systems or gallery systems, because they are also used extensively in galleries and museums. That's not surprising: pictures hang safely, elegantly and can be rearranged at will, without any effort, nails or drilling. An ideal solution for both private and professional applications; at home, at your gallery, office, school, anywhere.

Picture display with magnets

STAS magnet set

If you're looking to hang unframed pictures, art, loose photos or postcards, our magnet set is a very nice way of organizing them.

This magnetic picture display system allows you to change and rearrange your pictures in a matter of seconds. It is used in conjunction with one of our picture rails, also for sale in our shop: hook the steel cable into your rail and simply attach your pictures to the cable with the small yet strong neodymium magnets.

One STAS magnet set includes a steel cable with patented STAS cobra to be able to hook it into your rail, and 10 magnets in white or a variation of colours. The magnet set is suitable for use with every picture rail in our store, except for STAS j-rail max.

STAS paper rail

Hang pictures with marbles

With the STAS paper rail you will create an easy and fun way to display pictures, cards, memos, drawings etc. The rail contains glass marbles, which press down the inserted pictures or papers. The rail can be mounted straight on a wall.

Create a photo wall

STAS picture hits

STAS picture hits are transparent clips which allow you to build a custom photo wall. Just attach the clips to your pictures and interconnect them to create a collage as elaborate as you wish. Rearranging is easy.

Like the magnet set, picture hits are used in conjunction with one of our picture rails. A picture rail can thus be used for multiple picture hanging methods: use cords and hooks for framed pictures, use magnets or transparent clips for unframed pictures and papers. Ultimate flexibility, endless variation.

For more information on these picture display systems and other art display systems, visit the manufacturer's website.