Hanging systems for pictures and art


Hanging systems for art, pictures and photos

Hanging systems are slowly replacing nails and other methods for hanging art, pictures, photos and other objects. Ready to find out why?

How does a hanging system work?

Don’t let the word “system” scare you off. A hanging system is a lot simpler than it may sound. In essence, a system consists of three components: a rail, a cord and a hook. Here’s how it works:

1. Mount the picture rail on your wall or ceiling. Any wall- or ceiling type will do.
2. Put away your drill, you won’t need it again…
3. Hook a cord or steel cable into the rail at any spot.
4. Slide a picture hook over the cord to the desired height.
5. Hang your picture on the hook.

Then, step back and admire the result. Don’t like what you see? Simply take the picture off the hook again. Adjust the cord and / or hook and try again. No harm done, and you’re free as a bird.

The picture hanging systems by STAS can be bought easily online. Unleash your creativity!

The benefits of a hanging system

hanging systems for art, pictures, photos

There is one major thing that sets hanging systems apart from all other picture hanging methods: flexibility.

No matter what hanging method you choose, usually it means you’re stuck with the way things are once you’ve put your decorations up. Changing or rearranging can only be done by creating new holes, by using tools. By another round of measuring and contemplating. No wonder you keep procrastinating.

Not so with a hanging system. A hanging system allows for endless rearranging of the objects on your walls, without wall damage, without drilling or using any tools, without effort.

Make up your collage or gallery wall as you’re going along. Tweak the placement of your pictures until you’re fully content. Rearrange your wall decorations once a year, once a month or even once a week: it’s all yours.

Contrary to what you might think, hanging systems are not expensive. Judge for yourself: visit the STAS webshop and buy easily online.

Where to use a hanging system?

That's an easy question. Hanging systems are suitable for artwork, paintings, pictures, photos, but can also accommodate clocks, bulletin boards, mirrors and the like! So: where to use a hanging system? Use a hanging system on any wall or ceiling, in art galleries or museums, at home, at the office, in schools and universities


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