STAS: for all wall decor, your way

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STAS: for all wall decor, your way

STAS picture hanging systems are rail systems:

  • • a narrow aluminium rail is mounted to any type of wall or ceiling
  • • a cord is hooked into the rail
  • • a hook slides over the cord to the desired height
  • • an object can be suspended from the hook

But that’s not all!
STAS also offers many additional hanging products, including:

  • • systems for hanging paper
  • • magnetic hanging systems
  • • panel hooks

We want to make sure that no matter what kinds of decorations you wish to hang, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!


Why hanging systems are worth it:

  • • Rearrange and replace objects easily and endlessly…
  • • Without more drilling or hammering
  • • Without using tools
  • • Without causing damage to your walls
  • • Without costs for maintenance or repairs
  • • While giving your display a very professional appearance


Picture hanging systems: which one to choose?

STAS offers a wide range of picture hanging systems to suit every need and every budget. Your choice will depend on…

…the look you’re going for
…the weight of the objects you wish to hang
…extra features you'd like to add, such as integrated lighting or theft-delaying hooks
…your budget


What do you hang with STAS?

STAS products cater to a wide variety of customers, not just to the gallery owner or art enthusiast. Our range of picture rails and other hanging solutions enables you to hang all sorts of objects.

Aside from art and framed pictures, you could use our systems to hang:

  • • mirrors
  • • clocks
  • • drawings
  • • bulletin boards
  • • whiteboards
  • • notice boards
  • • seasonal decorations
  • • advertising material
  • • floor plans and escape routes
  • • coat hooks