Put your favorite photo or painting literally in the spotlight

  • Jun 4, 2018

The STAS multirail

Sometimes you just have a beautiful picture or painting that you want to give extra attention in your interior. You can do that by hanging it in a beautiful or striking frame, or by placing the photo or the painting in a very prominent place in your interior. Another possibility is the use of light. With the STAS multirail you can put your photo or painting literally in the spotlights! The STAS multirail is a painting rail with integrated 12v voltage wires (low voltage). Thanks to these integrated voltage wires, a lighting fixture can be clicked on every spot in the rail to illuminate your wall decoration in a stylish way. Choosing a STAS multirail system is done in 4 steps but starts with the basis: the STAS multirail. The STAS multirail is a classic model with a patented 12V lighting rail. The STAS multirail is available in the colours white or silver and in a length of 200 centimeters.

STAS multirail

STEP 1: Choose a fixture

STAS fixtures can be easily clicked into your STAS multirail. Some tips when choosing a fixture for your STAS multirail system:

1. The bigger the distance between light source and wall, the bigger the artwork that can be illuminated. In other words: choose a large fixture for lighting a large work of art.

2. Is your wall 270 cm high or higher? We would recommend installing a fixture of 70 cm

STAS offers 2 different fixtures:

STAS fixtures

STAS multirail in kitchen

STEP 2: Choose a spotlight

STAS offers 2 different led lights. Led lighting is energy efficient, has a long lifespan and doesn’t emit infrared radiation.

  • • The STAS led spot 1,5Wemits a narrow beam of light, suitable for small paintings.
  • • The STAS powerled 4W has a closed housing which avoids light spill at the back.

STEP 3: Choose an adapter

The choice of an adapter depends on 3 things:

1. The type of spotlight you’d like to use (led or halogen). STAS only offers led spotlights.

2. The number of spotlights you’d like to install

3. The number of meters of rail you’d like to install

STAS offers 1 adapter:

Caution! In case you would like to use more than the above mentioned number of meters or spots, you will have to use multiple adapters. Adapters must never be connected, neither directly nor indirectly. In short: never connect two rail segments that are each connected to a different adapter! Exclusively connect rail segments that share one adapter.

STEP 4: Choose hooks and cords

The final step (and the most fun step ) is hanging your wall decoration. To hang your wall decoration you need hooks and cords! Consider two factors when choosing your hooks and cords:

1. the weight of the object you wish to hang

2. the look that appeals most to you

Choose one of the four possible combinations of hooks and cords:

STAS hooks and cords      STAS multirail with painting

Have fun picking together your personal STAS multirail system! What kind of wall decoration would you choose to illuminate? Let us know in the comments!


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