Hanging pictures: ideas


Say goodbye to hassle with these smart picture hanging ideas!

STAS picture hanging systems

Picture rail is an elegant and flexible way to hang your paintings and picture frames. The rail can be mounted on your wall or ceiling. Once the rail is up, you'll never need any tools, screws or nails again to hang or rearrange your pictures. simply hook cords into the rail and slide a picture hook over the cord to the desired height. Suitable for diverse objects besides paintings, like clocks, mirrors or seasonal decorations. At home (living room, kitchen, bedroom) or in professional environments (schools, office, museums and galleries). Picture hanging systems (picture rail, cords and hooks) can be bought easily online.

STAS magnet set

The STAS magnet set provides you with a very easy way to hang pictures, postcards, photos, drawings or any other kind of paper. It is used in combination with your picture hanging system and consists of a steel cable and strong three-legged neodymium magnets. With these magnets you can simply attach your pictures to the cable.

STAS paper rail

STAS paper rail: another great picture hanging idea! It's a variation on the picture rail. You can slide posters, drawings, memos and photos into the rail, where they are held in place by glass marbles.

STAS picture hits

STAS picture hits are transparent clips for easy hanging of cards and photos. The clips can be twisted directly into a STAS picture rail. Cards can be interconnected to create a collage. A transparent spacer may be used to ensure that the cards and photos are placed at eye level.

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