Hanging pictures on walls


Hanging pictures on walls without nails

The best solution for hanging pictures without nails is a picture hanging system.
A hanging system won't damage your wall when adding, adjusting or rearranging your pictures. Please read on if you'd like to know more about this: hanging pictures without nails

Hanging pictures on walls: ideas

We'll offer you a couple of great picture hanging ideas! One of the most revolutionary and elegant ways to hang your pictures is using Picture rail. Easy to install and even easier to use. Once installed, never use any tools again! Organize, add or rearrange your pictures in a matter of seconds.

Another great way to hang pictures flexibly is the STAS magnet set It allows you to change and attach your pictures to a steel cable in a blink of an eye. Simple and very effective.

STAS paper rail is an ideal solution for hanging posters, drawings, memos and photos. They're held in place by gravity by glass marbles inside the rail. Read more about it: 4 great picture hanging ideas!

Hanging pictures on walls: design

There are some great resources on the internet about making the right design for a wall collage: here and here.

A picture hanging system is an ideal solution if you’d like to hang a group of pictures or would like to make a collage. Moreover, if you’d like to change your pictures often or would like to create a different look once in a while, you’ll never need tools, screws or nails again to rearrange your pictures!

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