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Top 5 Creative home activities with children

  • Mar 19, 2020

It's a strange time. Children stay at home from school and maybe you’re forced to stay at home as well. Hopefully all in good health! To support our STAS community, we have created a "Top 5 creative home activities with children" to get a little creative these days. We're in this together!

1. Finger painting

Finger painting is a fun activity for the smallest, as well as for older children. Finger painting is an excellent exercise to develop fine motor skills and at the same time it stimulates creativity in children. So enjoy a nice mess with hands and feet, or use various objects such as corks, balloons or bubble wrap for beautiful shapes and patterns.

You can go a long way with a little creativity! To get you started, you'll find the best ideas and templates for finger painting with your kids on this Pinterest page. Hang all artworks easily and without any hassle with the STAS magnet set!

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2. 3D postcards

My personal favourite: making 3D postcards.

First of all: a lot of fun to do. Second: How nice is it to send a postcard to grandfathers, grandmothers, your lovely neighbour, people who are sick at home, the care workers, the teachers and the children who cannot celebrate their birthday during these times. Just to let them know you are thinking about them or to ask if you can do something for them.

A little effort goes along way, especially now! For more 3D postcard inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.

Do you want to hang postcards yourself? Hang them easily with the STAS magnet set!

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3. Crafts

There are so many creative ideas for crafting.

  • Collect:
  • • toilet rolls
  • • ice cream sticks
  • • paper plates
  • • old CDs
  • • buttons
  • • yarn ...

You’ll see that there are many creative things that you can make with these. What do you think of a beautiful DIY dream catcher? Have a look at the best craft ideas for kids on our Pinterest page.

How nice is it to give these crafts a nice place in the house? Hang them easily and flexibly on one of the many STAS picture hanging systems. Enjoy changing these artworks without any hassle!

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4. Coloring pages

Coloring pages are great fun for young and old! Have a look at all the free printable coloring pages on our Pinterest page. Who is best at coloring within the lines?

Hang all drawings with the STAS papergrip for easy hanging!

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5. Easter decoration

You’d almost forget during these crazy times but Easter is nearly upon us! Now that the children stay at home, there is plenty of time to get started with cozy Easter decoration. Make an Easter wreath, paint eggs or make a fun Easter garland. Looking for more Easter inspo? Check out our special Easter-Pinterest page.

Hang the Easter decoration easily with STAS rail systems and, for example, STAS picture hits!

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What will you make with the kids? Let us know in the comments, share it on our Facebook page & stay safe people!


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