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6 tips from STAS for working from home

  • Mar 19, 2020

People are working from home wherever possible now. An unprecedented situation that we have to deal with. It's only logical that you have to find your way in this whole new working from home situation. To get through this period as easy as possible and to compensate for the temporary loss of your dear colleagues, we have collected a number of tips that you can hopefully benefit from. In our opinion, comfort, functionality and inspiration are key!

#1 Get up at a "normal" time

It is now tempting to get up a little later than you're used to. For your productivity and rhythm it is really best to get up on time in the morning and to just go to work at a normal time. Home workers with a lot of travel time can now get up at a much later time. Score!

#2 Keep a working schedule

STAS papergrip

Make a working schedule and follow it. Make it clear to yourself what your working hours are now that you work from home. Maybe you prefer to start a little earlier and as a result finish a little earlier. It is important to define clearly for yourself which moments are for work and which is private time.

Making a visual planning and hanging it somewhere also helps. Hang your working schedule in a STAS papergrip for a clear overview. In the STAS papergrip you can also store all your notes, receipts and forget-me-not cards from your dear colleagues. #missyou

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#3 Plan a lunch break and really take this time off

Very important: plan your lunch break and then really take the time off. Prepare something tasty for yourself or pick up something at your favorite lunch place #supportyourlocals. After all, now you have the time and space to have something different for lunch than those everyday sandwiches!

Take the time to do this, take a walk or have a little work-out. We bet you can get back to work full focus after this well-deserved lunch break!

STAS set up

#4 Keep your workplace tidy

At the end of your working day, take a moment to tidy up your workplace. You work at home so working in a mess + living in a mess = no fun. By cleaning up at the end of your working day, you literally separate your work and private life. Very important for your rest, relaxation and productivity!


#5 Pimp your home office

STAS cliprail max

You probably have no idea how long this home working situation will last. In the meantime, you'd better make the most of it. So pimp your workplace! If you already have a STAS picture hanging system, try varying in your wall decoration. Maybe you can make a collage and add different items to it that inspire you?

Plants for a touch of green, a good quote, photos of your loved ones or for example, your own vision board to work towards as a goal!

It has been scientifically proven that art in the (home) workplace has a positive effect on creativity and productivity. No STAS picture hanging system in your home yet? This is the time! After mounting the rail, you can vary endlessly in your wall decoration.

Now that's what I call a home workspace!

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STAS wooden rails

#6 Travel time = time for relaxation

Do you usually have travel time? Great! Now you can use this time to enjoy your favorite ways of relaxation.

Sports, extensive cooking, a walk, online shopping, Netflix or sitting on the couch with a good book. Working from home is actually not that bad!

How do you apply STAS in your home workspace? Let us know on our Facebook-page or in the comments!


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